Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to My Bonsai Blog!

Bonsai in progress...

If you are checking this out because you recieved a request card from me, here's the deal. Bonsai are not one specific kind of plant like many people think. Bonsai trees can be made out of almost any plant, including tropicals. It is a process of starting with plant material and grooming the roots and the top in artistic ways. It is never an overnight enterpriise.

I have been dabbling in bonsai as a sort of passtime for several years. Among bonsai enthusiasts, bonsai means different things to different artisans. Some love looking at already finished trees and will pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for "finished" trees that have taken years to finish. Others like to start with good trees and shrubs from gardens and nurseries, and bring them to their potential as bonsai. I am in this category, as well as collecting them from the wild. Permission to dig must always be obtained no matter where one digs from.

In order to simplify the process of asking permission, I leave calling cards when I spot something that could lend itself well to bonsai. More often than not, these potential plants are gangly or appear to be in bad shape. They are sometimes landscaping plants that home or landowners no longer want. That can be handy; I can remove an unwanted tree, shrub, or vine, for free. Usually I can do this in one day, and I try not to leave a huge mess. I replace soil if necessary.

So if I left you a card, and you would like to get rid of a plant or two, please give me a call.

Thanks, Michelle

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A said...

Hi! I'm not certain if you will get this or not and it is sort of an odd request, but I'm hoping to start a blog about the progress of my first triathlon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and was hoping to call my blog (your awesome blog name!)

I noticed your blog is no longer being updated and I'm wondering if you would be generous enough to allow me to take over the blog title as my own?

Thanks for considering! If you respond to this post, it will send me an e-mail alert.